NOWSOUND.HU Layout & DesignWebsite HostHosted on LinuxDatabasePHP technologyFlash technologyHtml technologyRunning
Nowsound is one of the major promoters of drum and bass and breakbeat in Hungary. Developing a web site for them required a good combination of design and content. Almost all the content can be edited through a complex administration panel or "rendered" from the database automatically.
The web site includes an online radio, picture gallery, a community board, schedule of the resident djs and mp3 downloads for their funs.

MARTINGABOR.NET Layout & DesignWebsite HostHosted on LinuxFlash technologyRunning
Martin Gábor is a well known Hungarian photographer. His web site presents samples of his artworks in a very trendy, yet elegant way.
CORDIS INTRANET Layout & DesignPHP technologyFlash technologyHtml technologyRunning
Cordis is medical device company of Johnson & Johnson Europe and is a global leader in vascular disease management. We developed their intranet site using PHP and Flash technologies.
Layout & DesignHtml technologyRunning
NDC (Nitinol Devices & Components) is a Johnson & Johnson company. We created the layout and some HTML part of their intranet.
Layout & DesignWebsite HostHosted on LinuxPHP technologyFlash technologyRunning
Timecenter is a self owned corporation selling clock and watches to wholesale and retail customers alike. The web site had to present thousands of items, every brand had to have its own sub site.
Layout & DesignFlash technologyHtml technologyActually not available
Coraler is developing the next generation of information management softwares using the latest AI technologies. The company receives support from Eötvös Lóránt University of Budapest and the US Air Force. A portal site layout was developed for the project.
Layout & DesignRunning
We created a micro site and an offline presentation of information management applications for Coraler corporation.
Layout & DesignWebsite HostHosted on LinuxFlash technologyRunning
Hungarian self owned company specialized in providing high class accommodation for tourists coming from abroad. The web site was developed entirely in Macromedia Flash with lots of moving, flashy content.
Layout & DesignHtml technologyActually not available
Golden-Nixie is a small Hungarian company importing and manufacturing luxury lingerie for the local and Italian markets. The web site was developed in HTML for providing the highest cross platform compatibility and fast access.
Layout & DesignPHP technologyFlash technologyHtml technologyUnder construction

Laokoon Filmgroup's upcoming informational web site extended with an advanced Location Photo Database Engine.

Layout & DesignFlash technologyHtml technologyActually not available
Datanet is one of the major players in the Hungarian ISP business. This corporate web site includes a Flash menu system and a very trendy design based on the company identity we have been provided with. The requirements were extreme cross platform and browser compatibly which we were able to archieve through using advanced scripting technology.